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Catalyst: Accelerating


Catalyst accelerates translational research by bringing researchers, experts, and funders onto a single platform to streamline discovery, refinement, and funding of early-stage research ideas.

Get Funding

Fund Science

Earn Rewards

Launch a Project

Scientists publish promising research ideas onto Catalyst, seeking funding and expertise.

Fund early stage research ideas

Funders can discover research projects, perform due diligence, and contribute to them in exchange for IP Tokens.

Bring in the Experts

Experts are invited to collaborate and develop the ideas into viable research programs.


When the fundraising goal is reached, Catalyst facilitates the negotiation between the researcher's institution & the funders. Funders vote to approve or deny the terms of the agreement.

Tokenization and Allocation

Once the research agreement is finalized, IPTs are distributed to the funders, and the researcher receives the funding. Funders use their tokens to access project information and participate in project governance as the research progresses.

Get quick access to funds
Access a community of funders
Access a biotech expert network
Outsource fundraising efforts
Receive data insights and support
Collaborate with global researchers
Earn rewards for impactful fundraising
Develop fundraising skillset
Connect with top licensing departments
Join project execution teams
Fund scientific breakthroughs
Access and engage researchers
Control emerging IP
Trade with project liquidity
Earn stakes in projects
Stay forefront in your field
Collaborate with field experts
Join novel research programs
Develop due diligence skills

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