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Paul Kohlhaas
Dec 8, 2023

DeSci Forges New Pathways in Asia: Announcing Sora Ventures and Molecule Partnership


In a compelling step forward, Sora Ventures has announced a significant investment in Molecule, marking a pivotal step towards integrating Decentralized Science (DeSci) in Asia. This collaboration signals a new era of scientific research and innovation, where boundaries are redefined, and potentials are unlocked.

Unveiling the Future: Sora Ventures' Investment in Molecule

In a recent development that promises to reshape the landscape of scientific research in Asia, Sora Ventures has committed $1 million to Molecule. Founded in early 2018, Sora Ventures is Asia’s leading venture capital firm dedicated to digital asset and blockchain investments. The firm adopts an entirely new venture model designed to scale blockchain community and help transition blockchain projects into the business world. This strategic investment aims to pioneer the integration of DeSci across the continent. The goal is to transcend physical borders and foster a culture of objective science and intellectual property sharing, leveraging the decentralized nature of DeSci.

Why Globalisation Matters to Molecule

Molecule is a proud and active supporter of the DeSci movement. Engaging in partnerships such as these is critical in ensuring the global uptake of the movement. A core principle remains the inclusion of people from around the world, opening up pockets of exceptionally valuable and previously localized knowledge.

An Open Invitation to Asia’s Scientists 

Molecule extends a warm invitation to scientists across Asia to join this transformative journey. This initiative is not just about funding; it's a call to action for scientists to be part of a movement that redefines how scientific research is conducted and shared in an open-source manner powered by the permissionless nature of tokenisation.

Empowering Innovation: Molecule's $50,000 Award

To catalyze innovation in the field of biomedical research, Molecule is offering a $50,000 award to a deserving scientific team or individual. By offering this award exclusively to researchers based in Asia, Molecule hopes to set off a chain reaction culminating in a revolutionized scientific landscape. If you are interested in receiving application details once they have been released, please add your name and email address to this form

Why This Time is Different: The DeSci Paradigm

DeSci diverges fundamentally from its predecessor, Decentralized Finance (DeFi). While DeFi often replicated the exclusive and extractive nature of traditional finance, DeSci heralds a new dawn of inclusivity and democratization in scientific research. Today, pharmaceutical companies grapple with declining returns on innovation, facing stiff competition in discovering new medicines. DeSci emerges as a beacon of hope, empowering those historically marginalized in science - the scientists and patients.

Tokenized Science: The Unstoppable Force

The rise of NFTs has revolutionized the art world by empowering artists with a platform for recognition and fair compensation. DeSci mirrors this impact in the scientific realm, breaking down geographical and institutional barriers and valuing scientific contributions based on their merit, not their origin.

The Time is Now

The fusion of DeSci and strategic partnerships like that of Sora Ventures and Molecule heralds a new chapter in scientific innovation in Asia. This movement isn't just about groundbreaking discoveries; it's about making those discoveries accessible and impactful for every individual, regardless of location or language. The time is ripe for scientists, investors, and the public to embrace DeSci and contribute to a more inclusive, equitable, and innovative scientific future.

Join us in this journey towards a scientific revolution. Be a part of the change that shapes the future of science in Asia and beyond.