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Benji Leibowitz
Jul 10, 2023

Molecule Launches Intellectual Property Tokens (IPTs), Democratizing Biotech Intellectual Property and Empowering Innovators


Intellectual property is the expression of human creativity and innovation. It's the invisible fortress that protects our ideas, safeguarding them not as mere thoughts but as valuable assets. Intellectual property is the recognition that our capacity to imagine, invent, and create is not only precious but also worth protecting. It propels progress and cultivates a culture of continual learning, encouraging us to reach further, dream bigger, and strive harder in our pursuit of knowledge and advancement.

Imagine having a magical key that not only allows you to peer into the treasure chest of scientific invention, but also lets you govern and own a piece of it. Today, Molecule unveils IP tokens (IPTs), a revolution in how we value and transact around scientific discoveries.

IPTs are already an experimental reality. VitaDAO recently introduced VITA-FAST, an IPT which confers governance over the IP-NFT which originally funded Viktor Korolchuk’s research into autophagy activators for longevity. Control of the IP-NFT has now been decentralized, giving VITA-FAST tokenholders direct voting power in guiding the research's future direction.

With IPTs, we've turned biotech intellectual property into composable digital assets. IPTs make it possible for everyone, not just large amorphous entities, to fund and benefit from scientific research. You no longer have to be a millionaire to own a piece of a pharmaceutical or have a say in the direction of an innovative experiment - you can do it using IPTs. Your ownership and governance is verified, secure, and transparent, thanks to the trust and reliability of blockchain technology.

We believe that biomedical scientists are the unsung heroes of our time. Behind every revolutionary breakthrough, is a team of biomedical scientists driven by the desire to decrypt the secrets of diseases, create innovative therapies, and provide cures to people in pain. They are the code-breakers of biological conundrums, and the inventors of medical marvels. However, despite their critical contributions, these remarkable individuals often aren’t able to reap the full rewards of their essential work.

As we look to the future, it's essential to develop mechanisms that ensure a more equitable recognition and remuneration for these pioneers. Inspired by their efforts to unlock the mysteries of our health, we should strive to unlock the full value of their contributions - both for their sake and for the advancement of biomedical science as a whole. When we truly value our scientists, we empower them to do what they do best: create a healthier, brighter future for us all.

Participating in the Molecule Ecosystem

To our scientists; 

We want to bolster you as your innovative research transforms into a beacon of hope, not just for the patients waiting for a cure, but also for a community eager to support the promise of your work. IPTs are a platform designed to empower you, to help you raise funds for your research, and to bring your work into the spotlight. It's more than a tool - it's an invitation to join a revolution in how we value and fund scientific innovation. 

The beauty of IPTs lies not solely in encapsulating your own pursuits, but in the power to unite a community of intellectual explorers and enthusiastic supporters. In distributing IPTs, you harness the collective intelligence and energy of a global network, propelling your work into frontiers you could not take them alone. As your research flourishes, the IPTs you've created grant you with the ability to guide the onward journey of your invention, safeguarding its integrity while amplifying its potential. 

Today we invite you to begin your journey with IPTs, and in doing so, elevate the scope and impact of your invaluable research. It's time to let others support your research, and to see the fruits of your labor blossom.

To join us, please visit Here, you can explore how to create a unique digital representation of your work, transform it into IPTs, and open it up to a world of potential patrons.

Alternatively, if you want to connect more directly, please join us on Discord. For further information, please see our documentation. Our vibrant community of scientists, innovators, and supporters are waiting to welcome you, answer your questions, and guide you through the process. Join us, and let's shape the future of medicine together!